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Joseph Stetter, Ph.D.

KWJ Engineering
President and CTO
Dr. Stetter, an ECS fellow and visiting scholar at GaTech.,  is currently President/CTO of KWJ Engineering and SPEC Sensors, LLC. Joe has a Ph.D in Physical Chemistry the University at Buffalo.  For more than 45 years, Dr. Stetter has been at the forefront of chemical and gas sensor technology as a leading researcher, entrepreneur, author, and professor. Joe developed solid-state, electrochemical, ion, and optical sensors plus the first sensor-array-based instrument [electronic nose 1982]. His companies make products for personal awareness, safety, and environmental applications that save lives, improve worker health, and advance personal well-being.  Joe has received numerous awards and published hundreds of scientific papers, and has over 50 patents.  Joe continues to innovate for the social good, and mentor a new generation of engineers and scientists.