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Amir Atai

Sway AI
Amir Atai is Sway AI’s CEO and Co-Founder, he is an entrepreneur and innovator. He has been an executive member of three successful and market-changing startups: Telica (acquired by Nokia), Affirmed Networks (acquired by Microsoft), and Parallel Wireless. Amir is passionate about improving customers’ performance and effectiveness by questioning the status-quo assumptions, bringing together, and leading an expert team of diverse backgrounds toward innovative and needle-moving solutions. Amir also has executive experience working for large companies. He was Chief Scientist at Bellcore and later at Alcatel/Nokia. He was also CTO at Ericsson, where he led the first nationwide LTE network rollout in the world. Amir is an expert in complex modeling techniques, math, and statistics, where he has developed cutting-edge modeling tools.

He holds a BS and MS from the University of Florida and a Ph.D. from Rutgers University in Computer and Electrical Engineering.